How to make sugar paste – Kawaii recipe

Making sugar paste could seem difficult, but this recipe is not always as hard as it seems!

How could you make sugar paste easily and quickly for creating kawaii (beautiful) decorations for your cakes, cupcakes and – why not – icecreams?

Let us follow the following tips! eye-faviconeye-favicon



You don’t need more than 2 ingredients! Amazing!

1) marshmallows.

hariboMarshmallows are American soft candies with a spongy consistency.

You can buy them at a candy store or supermarket.

I’ve bought Haribo marshmallows at the supermarket.

If you don’t want to paint your sugar paste by yourself, you could immediately buy colored marshmallows (the one color or two-color ones).

If you buy two-color marshmallows remember to cut them to separate from each other.

…  Alternatively the white ones (in the picture) and the food coloring you like!

2) icing sugar (at choice)!



To make sugar paste is necessary to dissolve marshmallows (into a ceramic plate… Remember: one plate for each color) in the microwave. This step takes just 10 seconds… so keep an eye on them!

Then, mix the marshmallow mixture with a fork and add cautiously icing sugar, until you have a soft and malleable paste (add food coloring, at this step, if you have bought white marshmallows ).

When the mixture is more malleable, you can knead the sugar paste with your hands and create some dough balls.


Wrap the dough balls in the plastic wrap for 1 – 2 hours! Then you can use your creativity for making your own decorations.

I’ve made sugar paste with yellow and pink marshmallow. Then I’ve created handmade chicks and flowers… but you can buy molds to achieving perfect results every time.

To make chicks and flowers with sugar paste, wait for the next tutorial!

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