Learning Italian, why not? Just do it in Milton Keynes!

Many people would like to learn Italian because Italy is not only famous for fashion, art, and food, but for its history, culture, and landscapes too. So why not? Why should you not study Italian? It could be a good affair if you just would like to know deeply the fashion or food world … Or if you love traveling abroad or maybe you would like to work in those fields.

How to start?

The Italian language has a phonetic alphabet, therefore this is a good starting point because it is very easy when you learn the alphabet, learning and knowing – in the end – how to pronounce every word.

Then it is very important to study the grammar and go on with the conversation lessons.

In Milton Keynes, UK, there is a great school, where you can learn Italian step by step. This is Be Smart Language School and her Director Karine Couly offers to the students a rich program with an Italian native teacher.

All lessons are focused on students’ needs and the student can develop vocabulary, develop oral and – then – written skills: learning many of the key concepts that are a part of Italian, including important grammar tool.

In the end, the student will be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate and will become familiar with
various terms and concepts.

Karine has given an interview to Kawaiiday Blog: Why learn a foreign language?

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